Our expertise


Wide experience in the most used platforms in the industry aligned to a culture of continuous learning in emerging technologies.

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Back-end Development

Manage / unmanaged Applications, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, MVC & Web API, Razor / Blazor, SPA (JavaScript).
Web application, Machine Learning, Data Science / big Data, Scripting, AI (artificial intelligence), Automation.
Swing, Spring, Servlets JAVA EE, Midlets JAVA ME, Hybernate, Struts, JSF, GWT (Google).
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Front-end Development

Responsive Web Applications, Cross-platform, Hybrid Apps, MvvM, MVC, MVP, RESTful API’s.
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We design, implement and support the DevOps culture into the organizations through the CI/CD automation process, spped-up the delivery of value into production, managing apropiately the source code repositories, optimizing the infrstructure cost, monitoring and implementing quality gates assuring the performance and stability of the solution in production environments.
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Application Server, Domain services, DB/File/storage solutions, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), Backup and recovery, Resource monitoring, Information Security Strategy, ITSM integration, IaaC (IT Scripting).
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Reporting Tools

Charts, Reports & Data Table, Dashboards, Data Collaboration & Sharing, Live & In-memory Data, Data Sources, Robust Security, Mobile Views, Data Integration.
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Mobile Solutions

Hybrid Apps: Productivity. Less maintainability costs.
Native Apps: Faster execution. Devices features.
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Integration & Data

Distributed Storage, Distributed processing, Big DATA Solutions, Fault tolerance, Reliability, Solutions scaling, High availability solutions.
Database Management. Data Mining. Big DATA. Data Virtualization. Data integration. Data replication.
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QA Automation

Non-functional testing. Application performance. Recording Test cases. Test cases management. Business workflow automation.
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With this technology we offer solutions where the stored information can't never be modified. Some examples of these solutions are medical records, government applications, payment platforms, voting systems or electronic bets.
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User Experience

Digital products that go beyond the functional, seeking to maximize their usability through accessibility, ease and the design of attractive experiences.
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Extensive experience in the execution of agile initiatives under different frameworks that facilitate the implementation of efficient, high-productivity workflows with a focus on return of value.